Tuesday, January 26

Religion and Sport: What does God have to do with it?

Well, here we go again. Another “celebrity” trying to impose his religious beliefs upon me. And, another broadcasting company endorsing it.

During the 2010 Superbowl, CBS plans to run an ad of Tim Tebow who apparently is going to preach to us all about how women should not end the life of a fetus.

Nevertomind the fact that the anti-abortion folks are completely uneducated about the biological process of becoming pregnant, what the hell does Tebow’s religious beliefs have to do with watching football? Like do I really need to listen to this?

I’m sorry, but I don’t appreciate having to be coerced into agreeing with someone else’s religion and religious beliefs when watching sports. Nor do I appreciate a broadcasting company endorsing this coercion. True, we all have a right to free speech. But, not true…is it in good taste for a broadcasting company to endorse one religious belief over another.

Let’s get something straight:

1) A fertilized egg (zygote) implants in the uterus only 50% of the time. I.e. God kills 50% of conceived eggs. Sorry folks, but that’s a biological truth.

2) Jesus would not tell other people what to believe. Nor would Jesus paint bible verses on his face.

3) Tebow is not God.

Do us all a favor and follow the Framers of our Constitution who separated Church and State by separating Religion and Sport. Watching this ad will be really offensive.

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