Friday, February 12

Comment #1 on Addition of "sex addiction" in New DSM.

This is terribly disturbing.

1) New definition of addiction: repeatedly causing pleasure to self (either by ingesting a drug or physical activity). This is what "addiction" has been reduced to.

2) Having a lot of sex with many different partners is a preference, not a problem. There’s only a “problem” when one breaks their own moral code…which is not clinical.

3) Everyone who cheats on their partner (breaking a moral code) has this new wonderful excuse of "I can't control my genitals because I'm addicted to sex."

4) Is someone who has a lot of sex/masturbates a lot/watches porn a lot/etc. really suffering from a diagnosable clinical mental illness? Really??? I guess the “sex addict” population will be rising dramatically in the next few years.

5) According to this line of thinking: I like to run. I run a lot because it makes me happy and feel good. My body aches from my excess running (problem). Well, I guess I am suffering from a mental illness because my new addiction to running causes me problems. I need to be medicated. “Hi, I’m Dr. Evile. I’m a running addict.”

6) “Repetitively engaging in sexual fantasies, urges, and behavior in response to stressful life events.”

What are people supposed to do in response to stress? REALLY?

Please…tell the overstressed population what they should do if you are going to maintain that “repeatedly engaging in pleasurable things” is an “addiction” wherein that person is “mentally ill” and needs treatment.

People can’t repeatedly have sex, can’t repeatedly drink alcohol, can’t repeatedly take ANY drug that relieves stressful symptoms (except, of course, the ones that are prescribed by psychiatrists), can’t do ANYTHING repeatedly that actually makes people feel good…

Provide the population with the HEALTHY way to respond to our frequent and acute stress, because we are all confused.

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